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Flagstone School believes that child care should be an extension of home and family, as well as an opportunity for a child's continuous exploration in developmental growth.  In accord with this philosophy, we endeavor to create an environment that is warm and nurturing as well as educational and stimulating.  It is our fundamental belief that childhood needs to be a time of fun, joy and discovery. Our goal is to work  together with families to provide each child with opportunities for these experiences.

  • We believe that positive learning happens in a safe, healthy and enriched environment.
  • We believe that the environment in which a child spends their day must be open to exploration if they are to develop total growth, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually .
  • We recognize that a child best learns through play and we therefore respect and protect their right to those experiences. 
  •  We believe to make this play meaningful, all staff must be well trained, degreed and experienced in the principles of early childhood education.
  • We believe that an important function of a child development school is providing services, support and assistance to families with the every day challenges of parenting.

We recognize our own limitations and know that we cannot teach young children everything needed for the future.  But we will work diligently to foster inquiring minds. To this end we emphasize experiences and activities which allow a child to answer his/her own question.

For we believe that having DISCOVERED the answers, the child will never forget them, and will indeed know how to LEARN.

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